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The best income tax preparation software programs do a great job of helping the average taxpayer fill out and file their tax returns.

If you've never used a tax prep software program, here's how they work:

1. The software asks you questions. You type in your responses. These are the same questions a qualified tax preparer or accountant would ask you.
2. Based on your answers, the software uses the information to fill out all the necessary forms to file, as well as information-only forms which you keep.
3. You print out a copy to check over and keep for your records.
4. The software helps you efile your federal return with one or two mouse clicks.
5. You also have the option of running your state return at the same time.

And what's really handy is if you use the same software on the same computer next year, your next return will go even faster, because the program can use the previous year's return as a reference.

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Even with some of the good computer tax preparation programs, some people would rather have someone else do their taxes. There are dedicated walk-in tax prep centers people can go to in order to get their federal and state income tax returns prepared and filed, and there are local accountant offices who can do the same thing. A local accountant can also help people with financial matters other than tax preparation too.

Tax preparation software and select the best tax software for filling out your US federal and state taxes. The most effective income tax preparation software will help you find all the deductions you are legally entitled to take.
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The IRS likes tax prep programs because they cut down on manual and math errors and they make electronic filing easier.

Most programs can process 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ forms and even do Schedule C small business returns.

Tax filing software are great for handling complicated equations such as the alternative minimum tax.

Federal tax software do a good job in finding all of the available deductions you are entitled to take, enabling you to get the biggest refund possible.

Some programs even have tips and advice for tax planning for the upcoming year.

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